LPS 1175 Security Bars

We’re happy to announce that we will now be supplying and installing Security Bars certified to LPS 1175 SR2 & SR3. These bars have been specifically designed for high risk applications.

They provide an alternative to our standard grilles and offer the accreditation which for many commercial buildings are necessary to ensure they comply with Secured by Design.

If you are interested in our High Security Window Bars please get in touch with us today on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

Eclipse LPS 1175 SR3 Security Grille

The Eclipse is the only Security Grille to carry LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 certification making it the strongest grille on the market. It is also the only grille which has been approved by the CPNI for use by the UK government. Consequently it’s in high demand for high risk applications.

Furthermore it has successfully passed bomb blast mitigation tests helping to ensure the safety of those inside the building.

The Eclipse has been designed as a premium product for buildings which are particularly vulnerable to attack. For instance they’ve been installed on MoD sites across the UK and Embassy’s across Europe.

For the vast majority of applications an Eclipse Grille will be more than what’s necessary. In which case we’d recommend the CX2 which is certified to LPS 1175 SR1 and comes at a fraction of the price.

If you’re interested in any of our security grilles please call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

Security Grilles Birmingham Installation

As part of an office refurbishment in Birmingham we installed CX2 security grilles to the inside of the openings to ensure that those inside were effectively secure. With a large amount of expensive equipment due to be used in the office it was neccasry to install physical security equipment to prevent any robberies happening.

The CX2 has been independently tested and certified to LPS 1175 SR1. This involves testing how long the grille will hold up against an attack with various tools.

If you require supply and installation of security grilles in Birmingham please call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email sales@securitycare.co.uk.

Understanding Burglary

Businesses can be prime targets for burglars, especially those which hold high value goods or plenty of cash. Therefore understanding how to prevent it is essential to avoid falling victim.

What is Burglary?

Essentially it is any unlawful entry to commit a theft or crime. It doesn’t have to involve the use of force to gain entry.

Catching the Burglar?

The vast majority of burglaries will go unsolved. Generally there will be a lack of witnesses or identify a criminal so unless they find the goods themselves it can be very difficult to come to a successful judgement.

Importance of Prevention

The key for businesses therefore is to prevent burglary in the first place. The most obvious starting point can be installing suitable locks etc. Other possible solutions may be CCTV, watchdogs or alarms.

We ourselves specialise in the supply and installation of security grilles which have been proven to greatly reduce the chances of getting targeted. We provide a wide variety of grilles which offer differing levels of security depending upon the level of risk and budget which you have.

For more information on security grilles or a quotation please call us 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

UK’s Highest Crime Rate

Stratford in London just next to the Olympic Park has the highest crime rate in the UK. Meriden square is a particular part of the district which is adversely affected by crime.

Crime can be devastating to families and businesses alike as they lead long last effects for the victims.

Shopping Centres unsurprisingly are an area where crime is at it’s most likeliest as individuals look to take expensive goods from stores or a member of the public. Therefore it’s essential that businesses and potential victims are vigilant to this by taking simple steps such as hiding money away or jewellery for instance.

For businesses it may be worth installing physical security such as security grilles or roller shutters if based in a high risk region which is vulnerable to being targeted. Burglars will look for easy targets where the chances of a raid being successful are high.

Bangor Museum Eclipse Grilles

Recently we were asked to tender on a project at Bangor Museum as they planned on refurbishing it.

After finding our we were successful in our tender for the supply and installation of Eclipse SR3 Security Grilles we duly sent our surveyor over to the site to measure the openings as well as show them the product itself first hand.

Due to the specialist nature of the Grilles they took 6 weeks to manufacture. The client was informed of an installation date shortly afterwards. With the installation being carried out across three full working days. Upon completion we requested that our client sign off the installation to confirm that they were fully satisfied with the works carried out.

SG1 Budget Grille

The SG1 is our only grille which is not SBD approved. Therefore for most commercial properties we will tend to recommend our various other grilles as a more suitable product.

However for domestic customers the SG1 grille provides the ideal protection against burglars without breaking the bank. The grille will offer a stern test for any burglar trying to break in. Fixed at all 4 sides it offers an effective barrier to entry into a home.

For a free quotation please send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk or call us on 0121 445 2587.

Grilles for Businesses

Security Grilles remain one of the most effective methods of protecting businesses against forced entry. As they provide a physical barrier to any burglar.

The choice of grille required is entirely down to the customer’s preference and situation. However for most circumstances the CX2 security grille is more than suitable. Certified to LPS 1175 SR1 it offers the assurances which means it complies with Secured by Design Building Regulations. It also benefits from sleekly designed curved lattices that have helped make it by far our most popular grille.

Other certified grilles include the Vulcan and Eclipse grilles however these tend to be installed on high risk buildings. Therefore most businesses do not necessarily require grilles at this level.

If you need some help and advice please get in touch with us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

Tested Security Grilles

We both supply and install security grilles which have been tested to various levels. This varies from LPS 1175 level 1 up to level 3. The Eclipse Level 3 grille remains the most secure grille on the market and is regularly fitted on high risk areas such as MoD or government sites.

LPS 1175 is an independent test which is carried out to determine how long a security product will stand up against a forced entry using various tools. The higher the number the longer the grille has been tested to resist an attack.

If you require information on the grilles or a quotation please call us on 0121 445 2587 or send an email to sales@securitycare.co.uk.

Bouncing Back From a Burglary

Speaking from experience coming back to your home to find that’s it been ransacked and your possessions stolen can leave you at a low ebb. It’s completely natural to feel panicky and distressed when someone forces their way into your home. However we can help ourselves.

Get in Touch with Police

It’s important to call the Police on 101 to report the crime. They will attend to survey the crime.

List what’s Missing

Put together a list of everything which was stolen by the burglars.

Contact Insurance

After you’re confident that you’ve listed everything you’ll now need to get in touch with your insurers to process a claim.

Change Locks

It’s possible that keys were taken in the incident so take the timeto get a locksmith out to change major external door locks.

Explore Upgrading Security

It’s worthwhile having a look at how you can upgrade how secure your home is by fitting tested locks and alarms. Furthermore grilles can be an effective barrier which are widely used on domestic properties in London to avoid being targeted.