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Anti Vandal Screening

Vandalism has always been a major problem in this country and the rest of the world. It costs thousands of pounds each year to repair and clean up. There are various types of vandalism; one the most common is throwing stones and other missiles to break windows and other sorts of glazed objects. There are various ways to try and prevent this from happening. Some of these are:-

Vandal screening is a perforated steel mesh that is designed to prevent glass in windows and doors being broken or smashed. It will stop missiles such as large items like bricks right down to pellets from air guns.

It is fitted to the outside of the windows or glazed panel that you are trying to protect. The screening can be made as individual panels, fitted to the actual window frame. This would then allow the windows to open as normal and also not really alter the look of the building. The other option would be to have it made as one big panel to cover the whole of the window. It would then fit on to the wall around the window, packed away slightly from the wall allowing the windows to open a small amount for ventilation.

Looking at the vandal screening from a distance, it simply gives the impression of having tinted glass windows. From the inside the visibility is virtually unchanged and it still allows a large amount of light through.

The mesh has an aluminium frame all around with pre-drilled holes for fixing. This product is available in a variety of powder coated coloured finishes, the most common is black mesh with black or white frames. Other colours are available so there is a good chance that you will find a good match to the colour of your window frames.

There is a fairly new and probably better product on the market which is similar but instead of being manufactured with a perforated, mesh it is made using a sheet of poly carbonate. This product is better because the poly carbonate is 200-300 times stronger than normal glass and can withstand a substantial attack from stone throwing and hand tools, it is also flexible so it will not shatter, break or crack when being attacked. It is described as virtually unbreakable. The poly carbonate is clear so from a distance it just looks like the normal windows so this would be perfect for use on schools, offices and domestic properties, where you want to retain the appearance of the building. It can also be washed and cleaned with just a regular sponge and water.

There are other products on the market to prevent vandalism such as roller shutters, however quite often with these you will have to obtain planning permission to have these fitted to the building. The vandal screening does not require any sort of planning permission. Another problem with roller shutters is that they all have a box at the top which the shutter rolls up into. This can often be used as a platform for a potential burglar to stand on to attack any window that might be above or to get onto a low roof and gain access to the building that way.

Intruder Anti Vandal Screens (Tested to LPS 1175 SR1 with a Secured by Design Licence from the Police.

We also supply a higher security Intruder Anti Vandal Screen, similar in appearance to our standard Anti Vandal screens but made with a heavier duty frame welded at the corners.

Independently tested to LPS 1175 SR 1 and with a Secured by Design License issued by the Police.

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